Our Work

Community Resiliency Project offers a relationship-based model of youth resiliency.

This work is driven by our belief that the best answers will be found in research and best practices. We delved into this research in creating our ECCE Community Resiliency Model.

This research is coupled with our belief that true transformation comes not from knowledge, but from experience. We always knew our youth were important and we valued them. Yet, it was the experience of losing three young lives that pulled us into action to strengthen our kids and help other communities never experience this heartache.

This is why we are dedicated to providing you with opportunities to experience the knowledge through our Thriving Communities work and our interactive Learning Center.

Community Resiliency Project believes that we are all both teachers and students. We are committed to continuing our learning as we provide you with the most effective tools available to grow stronger youth. As we learn, we will share these Resources.

Community resiliency building is important work and the time to start is now. We are creating environments that offer a lifeline to youth in danger of losing their way into apathy, loneliness, confusion, and emptiness.

Thank you for your partnership in helping our youth learn essential skills and experience a life of connection, wholeness, hope, purpose, and joy.