Resiliency Matters TV

Our mission is to educate and empower you to grow stronger youth in your own community. Let’s put our Youth Resiliency Model into ACTION!

An easy way to stay up on the latest research and best practices in by watching our ongoing TV show sponsored by Mediacom MC22.

*Tip: Get out a paper and pen – each 8-minute segment provides an action for you to take today to nurture yourself and our youth.*

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Enjoy the show!

Resiliency Matters on Mediacom MC22. Special Guest: Jennifer Louden.

Resiliency Matters with Dr. Mollie Marti, Show 3 Part 2. Dr. Marti interviews
Valerie Young, Ed.D.

Resiliency Matters with Dr. Mollie Marti – CREATE with Dr. Trace Pickering
Sam Fathallah.

National President of Counties Linda Langston on Post-Crisis Recovery and Strengthening Communities.

Elite Coach Mitch Matthews on Using Coaching Principles to Improve Our
Leadership, Mentoring & Parenting. 

Dr. Mollie Marti with Angela Maiers: You Matter & We Need You!

Resiliency Matters on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with Leslie Wright
from the United Way of East Central Iowa.

Youth Resilience Expert Daniel Lapsley, Univ of Notre Dame Psychology

Resiliency Matters with UI Women’s BB Coach Lisa Bluder