Resiliency Model

THRIVE Youth Resiliency Model™

Trusted Relationships: In trusting relationship with a minimum of three adults who provide care, positive role modeling and encouragement. 

High Expectations: Connected with people who expect best efforts and support learning and growth.

Resilience Building: Taught skills to grow strengths, cope with adversity, regulate emotions, and refuel energy for positive action.

Involvement: Provided meaningful opportunities to connect with and contribute to community.

Vision: Strengthened with messages of hope and engaged in co-creating a positive future.

Enrichment: Supported as whole person with regular opportunities to grow and express strengths.


THRIVE Vision Statement

Engaging youth in positive development while decreasing stigma about mental health through awareness and education.

Connecting youth with trusted adults and strengthening well-being through community involvement.

Challenging youth to form a positive vision for their life and to nurture and share their unique strengths.

Enriching youth holistically with the capacity and skills to cope with and grow through adversity.

Nurturing a Community Where Youth Thrive.


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