Thriving Communities

Perhaps your community has experienced a devastating crisis and needs guidance in helping your youth recover.

Or perhaps you simply understand that these days all children are “at risk children” in desperate need of multiple supports to strengthen themselves, their families, their schools, and their communities.

Whatever your situation, we are committed to helping you grow youth resiliency in your community. In addition to our online educational programs, we also offer onsite consultations and speakers. Contact us if interested in consulting or speaking services.

We currently are working with and collecting data in a community that lost several teens to suicide. You can follow along with our Pilot Thrive Community of Mount Vernon, Iowa. If your community has experienced a crisis and in need of more immediate help forward, we may be able to guide you in obtaining grants to fund post-crisis recovery work and begin the healing. Contact us to discuss crisis recovery services.

Thank you for helping elevate the conversation about how your community can better engage and enrich your youth. We will do all we can to support you!