Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower communities to provide whole person supports to stabilize, foster resilience, and cultivate thriving lives. We define “resilience” as the strength and capacity to cope with, recover from, and grow through adversity.

CRI envisions a world where people are engaged, thriving, and actively contributing to the wellbeing of their community. We believe that stronger communities are the best path forward to growing healthy children and creating an environment in which all can thrive. We advocate that the best response to natural and man-made disasters, crises, and traumatic loss of lives are whole person and whole community approaches based on research and best practices from a variety of disciplines.

We see a dramatic need and hold a strong vision for unifying and coordinating national and global community resilience resources. We are dedicated to the advancement of health and well-being through education and resources that engage and mobilize communities to grow hope, resilience, and celebration of human possibility.

Together…we can create communities in which all individuals expect, envision, and experience a lifetime of engagement, connection, growth, and contribution in community with others.