Our Story

The Institute began its work as the Community Resiliency Project in 2011, in response to a cluster of three teen suicides in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Directed by  Dr. Mollie Marti, a social psychologist and resilience researcher, the Institute developed several post-crisis response and resilience building tool kits to assess and minimize risks, address mental health needs, facilitate healthy grieving, and nurture connections and caring to create communities that support all to thrive.

Over the course of the following years, the resiliency project was called on by other communities seeking post-crisis support and by mental health professionals seeking education. This work focused on increasing community supports to schools, as naturally critical partners and avenues to cultivate stronger youth.

The project also began to explore synergies and collaborations within the recovery work being done in the region after the devastating flood of 2008. Due to the breadth of its work and its desire to replicate community resiliency projects in other communities, CRI expanded into an Institute in 2014.

The CRI team consists of community leaders who represent health, local government, non-profit government, non-profit and educational agencies and private business. This cross-sector collaborative focuses on health and wellbeing that expands well beyond the Linn County region to strengthen communities throughout the nation and across the globe.

Our Learning Center provides community leaders, educators, mental health and health care practitioners, and parents with high impact, practical ways to proactively strengthen the capacity of youth to grow through adversity and thrive. This work builds on our research-based THRIVE Model of Resilience™.

Our THRIVE Community initiative helps communities recovering from crises to create an environment in which members can heal and grow stronger. This includes supporting all members of a community to envision, expect, and experience a lifetime of engagement, connection, growth, and contribution in community with others.

We look forward to partnering with you to positively impact the health and well-being of your community!