Thrive Mount Vernon has been hard at work implementing the Project’s “You Matter – We Need You” curriculum.

A Top 10 List to highlight efforts:

  1. The District has developed a crisis intervention protocol and is continuing to expand its youth resiliency building efforts.
  2. The High School held a kick-off assembly on April, 10 with speaker Jennifer Louden delivering a message of staying on your own side, no matter what life brings you from the outside. (Thank you to the Jacob Tyler Hanson Memorial Fund for sponsoring this event).
  3. The Middle School is holding a kick-off assembly on May 10 (read below for details about a cool Locks of Love activity!).
  4. The District designed maroon “You Matter – We Need You” rubber wristbands for staff and students.
  5. The District has printed “business-card” style hand-outs with information promoting the curriculum and support concepts for students, parents, and community members.
  6. Thrive Mount Vernon Leadership Camps are focusing on Trusted Adults and “You Matter – We Need You” throughout 2013.
  7. The District is developing a summer 2013 Thrive Mustangs Challenge to encourage students to live the “You Matter – We Need You” theme.
  8. Building off the High School’s service learning program, the Middle School is developing a “Pay it Forward” challenge for students to provide community service.
  9. The Middle School has painted a Tree of Trust on a school wall and is committing to annually update the “hands/leaves” with the names of students’ Trusted Adults.
  10. Some district staff purchased Thrive Mustangs You Matter – We Need You shirts (BONUS: staff who wear shirts on Wednesdays are free to wear jeans!). Shirts will soon be offered for sale to students, parents, and community members and asking all to wear this gear on Wednesdays in support of the campaign.

On May 10th, 2013, at 2:15pm, the Middle School will facilitate a school-wide assembly to kick off the “You Matter. We Need You.” campaign with a Locks of Love event.  After a short presentation about the campaign, over one dozen teachers and students will line up on the gym floor. After a big countdown by the student body, volunteer community stylists will cut off braids and provide complimentary haircuts to donors.

The Locks of Love effort was the brainchild of Middle School Counselor Jennifer Holub Tischer. “My aunt, who is facing breast cancer right now, is going through chemotherapy and has lost her hair.  She is a person who inspires me regularly with her courage in facing cancer and by the phenomenal character she has displayed all my life as one of my Trusted Adults.  Even in the face of an extreme medical crisis, she has continued to devote much of her time to helping others as a volunteer. The Locks of Love event is a tribute to her and all Trusted Adults. It seemed a perfect fit for our assembly to kick off our You Matter – We Need You campaign, one centered on the truth that every person matters and we all have gifts we can use to help others”.

For information about the school assembly (all community members and media are welcomed!), call or text Jennifer at 319-558-9473 or email jholub@mountvernon.k12.ia.us

Any questions or contributions in support of Mount Vernon’s “You Matter – We Need You” campaign? Weigh in below!

  • debra bruser

    The curriculum for “You Matter-We Need You” touches all aspects of your community. The Top 10 List has meaningful, inclusive goals/projects. The community of Mount Vernon is so blessed to have great leadership with this project. Children/teens need to know that they do indeed matter. They are the future! Building a community of resilient young adults is what needs to happen all over the country. It’s the missing piece. When children/youth are challenged to make a difference where they live & with their lives, great things happen with the self-esteem. And, your group has outlined how to do that with this project.

    As you know, I have been an advocate and volunteer in the field of Suicidology, which includes prevention, intervention and postvention for over 15 years. I lost my sister to suicide 6 years ago. The alarming rate at which our youth are choosing to end their lives is a huge concern nationally. When a community such as yours steps UP and says, “enough…we have to do something,” I say, “YES!!!”
    I look forward to hearing how this project will continue to build a community of resilient young adults. Suicide is never the answer…there is so much help available in your community and nationwide. One only needs to ask…it’s just that simple. Especially when a community is focused on helping their leaders of tomorrow.

    Bravo, Mount Vernon!!!

    • http://walkingwithjustice.com/ drmolliemarti

      Appreciate your input, Deb — both from your personal experience of losing your sister (I’m so sorry) and as an expert. We’re excited about all 3 aspects of this curriculum – suicide prevention/intervention work within school and engaging both youth and adults to walk out the “You Matter – We Need You” message in a variety of fun and meaningful ways.

      We’re off to a strong start with much good happening. We will keep you posted. Joining in your Bravo to our Pilot Thriving Community – here’s to moving through adversity in a way that allows us to bring good to others. That’s resiliency!

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  • Scott Erickson

    Wow seems like there is alot in motion! I’m looking forward to how it all plays out!

  • http://walkingwithjustice.com/ drmolliemarti

    Thanks for stopping by, Scott. There is a lot in motion. We’re excited to be providing support as we begin a new school year. Also happy to say we’ve completed website tweaks so site is running more quickly – making it easier to keep the updates coming!